Z Gallery: Hypermedia’s Revolutionary Art of Media in OOH


Z Gallery: Hypermedia’s Revolutionary Art of Media in OOH

By Campaign Magazine
November 2022

Hypermedia’s “Z Gallery – Art of Media” is marking an epoch in the era of out-of-home (OOH) by bringing expressive concepts blended with smart solutions to maximize the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns.

Today out-of-home (OOH) advertising is strongly affiliated with physical presence and attractive exposure- an asset to brand growth and relevance that outweighs other advertising forms! By targeting the right locations, brands are speaking for themselves- a promising way to build salience and loyalty! Well-positioned advertisements are the pivot on which their success can be measured; on few key areas in Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR), for instance.
Being the artery of connection to all seven Emirates and the longest road in the UAE, SZR is a vibrant hub, stretching 558.44km from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah. Affluent locals and travelers are drawn to this eminent highway all year long by business centers, shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, and other entertainment opportunities surrounding it. An attraction coupled with a high-traffic status bearing 2.5 million passengers a week and broad-ranging lifestyle courses that meet the needs of all! While Dubai holds a bold, futuristic vision to steer the city towards a fast-paced and forward-looking metropolis, it has gone a long way into achieving it. And Hypermedia, subsidiary of W Group, has been a partaker in capitalizing this vision and uplifting the infrastructure with its extensive prowess. From the outset of setting impactful in-store and in-mall media networks, then forging a vast outdoor omnipresence by clocking up key locations across the Emirates, Hypermedia recognized the magnitude of seizing a foothold on SZR. In light of this opportune moment, it has spearheaded another OOH milestone on this freeway with the launch of Z Gallery, the epitome of Art Experience. 

Z Gallery – Art of Media

Armed with a progressive mindset in OOH, Hypermedia earned its recognition as an advanced leading OOH technology media company in the region, being adept at exposing brands on one of the most high-spirited outdoor advertising sites in the GCC. Its latest OOH media concept, the “Z Gallery – Art of Media”, is a state-of-the-art media ecosystem turning Dubai’s luxurious SZR into a majestic media art exhibition comprising 550 digital and static assets artistically designed to empower brands with a premium media “Art Experience”. Brands are outlined as artworks and masterpieces, across various art displays, spread in different locations. This aesthetic emanated from the perception of media assets as more than just advertising screens and platforms, but rather an ultimate art experience. Campaigns can fulfil strategic locations and bask in an unprecedented OOH experience within three main sections: The Artists, The Collection, and The Signature-naming Rights.
If a brand needs to be trusted in a specific area, the Signature-naming rights can be an excellent investment, as it is credible and creates broad exposure for brands. In addition to the prestigious status and awareness on Dubai’s map, brands are privileged to a government alliance. In fact, brands that are partnering with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), one of Dubai’s government entities, for the foregoing purpose, are automatically being acknowledged and recognized by both the community and government. Moreover, in terms of cost effectiveness, a brand’s target market can be reached without incurring the ongoing, high-operating expenses that come with placing advertising boards on expensive prime time slots which drives it to become more easily associated with its engagement with environmental, educational, and cultural development. This is how Hypermedia is giving brands the prerogative of marking territory.

Data Measurement Implementation

Upon this remarkable spot, not only is Hypermedia grasping its largest OOH media network to target residents, businesspeople, and tourists with the most effective advertising exposure via Z Gallery but it is also delivering the most impactful one through data measurement. It has been the executive mastermind of this revolutionary course in the UAE, building on the necessity of keeping up with the pace of digital transformation that is constantly modifying consumer behaviors and how brands market their products. Therefore, it has summoned a port of call of data and analytics not only to have full visibility of campaign performance but also to guarantee success.
The impact of Z Gallery is measured by Streach, a planning and measurement platform for OOH media, powered by Seventh Decimal, a UAE-based company that specializes in designing, implementing and integrating customized technology solutions for brands, media agencies and consultancy firms. It is highlighted as follows:
– Average Monthly Reach (%): 58.23%
– Average Monthly Pass-bys: 341,217,470
– Average Monthly Reach: 2,112,932
– Average Monthly Impressions: 876,981,044

Employing this focused data, running your display will surely deliver the results you need. It’s crucial to get input at every level to ensure that your brand is connecting to your target audience.
That said, Hypermedia went flat out to lead the delivery of highly effective OOH/DOOH campaigns by relying on perceptive practices and smart tools. While thriving in this field can be challenging, the implementation of even more full-fledged tools is required. Therefore, Hypermedia’s avant-garde inclination is bolstering data measurement and orchestrating a soon-to-be-launched, data-based platform that will drive a more qualitative leap in the world of OOH within the region!
Hypermedia takes the time to assess marketing goals, understanding that buying OOH/DOOH media is an investment. Therefore, it strives to get ahead with breakthrough solutions that live up to direct exposure, ongoing visibility, and credibility for brands’ marketing efforts. Providing the flexibility and relevancy needed to execute effective advertisements on prestigious digital properties, it’s an optimum media solution for maximum traction and return.