Believe in Your Vision

That is How You Grow

“I am a lifelong optimist and a philanthropist trying to make the world a more compassionate place; and an entrepreneur whose mission is to innovate interminably and turn great ideas into breakthrough experiences. Our regional growth would not have been possible without the support of our partners, as we invest in their visions and their most important asset: People.”

Habib Wehbi, Chairman of W Ventures


Investing in a diversified portfolio, maximizing returns, reducing risks, and encouraging entrepreneurialism in different sectors: Out-of-Home Media, Technology, Retail, Industrial and Financial sector.


Investing in technology is investing in the future. A big part of our investment portfolio focuses on technologically led opportunities both regionally and globally.


1500 employees across our diversified portfolio with the freedom to create, experiment, and build something valuable in an inspiring and motivating environment.

Creating impactful Experience in Media & Technology.
Incubating startups and technology
Investing in industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The Journey


Who we are


Revealing our region’s growth opportunity by identifying the raw potential and adding value through innovation in every business we act on.
Who we are


Challenging ourselves and our partners constantly to reach the highest potential by futureproofing our diverse business portfolio.