Hypermedia enters a media partnership with Reem Mall


Hypermedia enters a media partnership with Reem Mall

Rolling Out AI Technologies for Maximum Impact in DOOH Advertising Networks in UAE Malls

Dubai, UAE – 20/09/2023

Hypermedia, the leading tech company in the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry in the region, has secured the exclusive out-of-home (OOH) Media Rights for Reem Mall, a world-renowned shopping destination. As of May 1, 2023, the partnership agreement designates Hypermedia with the task of installing, maintaining, and managing Reem Mall’s complete media network.


After achieving a milestone in unlocking the power of smart technologies with data analytics in the retail environment, Hypermedia- subsidiary of W Group, will be providing unique measurable impact indoors by providing consumer insights to advertisers!


Hypermedia will be rolling out one of the largest digital networks ever seen in UAE Malls, with more than 200 digital signages and promotional spaces in Reem Mall. Not only is Hypermedia reinforcing its status as a leader in the UAE’s OOH advertising landscape, but it’s cementing its position as a regional leader in retail media and OOH digital transformation, expanding on the premise that the ability to offer real-time targeting and audience measurement is a breakthrough to indoor communication, and a game-changer globally to our industry.


“We are thrilled to secure this strategic partnership with Reem Mall. This milestone achievement underscores Hypermedia’s commitment to growth and innovation in the DOOH landscape. By integrating our advanced digital media network with Reem Mall’s cutting-edge facilities, we are keen on delivering unparalleled DOOH advertising experiences that will captivate consumers and redefine the shopping journey. This collaboration marks an exciting chapter for Hypermedia and reaffirms our position as a leading player in this industry,” said W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi.

Bruce von Kaufmann, Mall Director of Reem Mall, expressed his excitement about this transformative partnership, stating, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Hypermedia for the deployment of an extraordinary digital network within Reem Mall. With over 200 state-of-the-art digital signs strategically placed throughout the Mall, we are set to create one of the largest and most immersive digital networks ever seen in UAE Malls. Through our collaboration with Hypermedia, we will seamlessly integrate captivating digital displays into our visitor journey, allowing brands and retailers to connect with our diverse audience in compelling ways.”


Reem Mall’s ecosystem seamlessly connects retailers with customers, enabling innovative promotions and personalized deals for every shopper. By integrating audience measurement and analytics with Hypermedia, both are delivering customized recommendations and deals that cater to the unique preferences of each customer. As an illustration, Hypermedia’s AI-enabled software, which integrates seamlessly with any Digital Signage CMS platform in Reem Mall, and the 24×7 data analytics services primed to deliver real-time audience insights will bring about more personalized messaging, making room for optimization, efficiency, and more accurate marketing strategies, leading to endless marketing measurable opportunities!

Hypermedia will be rolling out one of the largest digital networks ever seen in UAE Malls, with more than 200 digital signages and promotional spaces in Reem Mall

This collaboration is set to create a new benchmark for DOOH advertising in the UAE, providing an enhanced and immersive shopping experience. First of their kind in the region and spearheaded by Hypermedia, these analytics tools will provide credible, real-time reporting on metrics, such as audience traffic, impressions, qualified views, and view times to validate ad performance and identify which ads are performing best. By pooling their expertise and resources, these two parties are taking media suppliers-brands-consumers liaisons to unparalleled heights and revolutionizing the digital journey for millions of visitors and shoppers to Reem Mall.

Hypermedia is a boundary-pushing, innovation frontrunner in the OOH and In-store Retail Media space, and by being awarded Reem Mall’s exclusive partnership for outdoor media rights, it is bridging the gap of campaign effectiveness in this day and age, through real-time audience data. With extensive industry experience and a forward-thinking approach, it’s poised to create impactful and engaging DOOH advertising experiences within the captivating environment of Reem Mall.