Habib Wehbi Among Arabian Business 100 Most Inspiring Leaders


Habib Wehbi Among Arabian Business 100 Most Inspiring Leaders

By Arabian Business Staff

September 2023

Since his entrepreneurial outset, Wehbi has embarked on a mission to drive positive change in the world with the establishment of W Group

W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi was featured by Arabian Business magazine among the 100 Most Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East, as a “testament to the extraordinary accomplishments of the individuals who shape our region”.

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Wehbi Profile

Established in 1999, W Group, a subsidiary of W Ventures Holding, works on digitizing and optimizing brand-consumer experiences, while transforming their media assets into technologically led and state-of-the-art landmarks. Since his entrepreneurial outset, Wehbi has embarked on a mission to drive positive change in the world with the establishment of W Group. The tech- and media-focused holding made a breakthrough in out-of-home (OOH) advertising in the region.

Media assets

Pioneering cutting-edge technologies and data advancements for both indoor and outdoor media spaces, the company’s efforts uplifted media assets into iconic immersive digital landmarks. Collaborating with subsidiaries Hypermedia and DigitAll and aligned with the UAE’s vision, all these entities have become an integral part of the nation’s infrastructure, contributing to its transformation into a dynamic metropolis.

Wehbi’s inclination towards investments and creating impact enriched his investment portfolio through W Ventures Holding, extending into various industries beyond media, namely into technology-driven start-ups with the rise of W Invest. Names like Brightfox, Enhance and Pinned echo a dynamic portfolio and innovation within the realm of W Invest.

Key successes

W Group achieved remarkable revenue growth and expansion driven by its visionary 555 strategy, according to Wehbi. He explains that this strategy aims to establish a strong presence in five verticals and generate $500 million in revenue within five years, a goal that is being rapidly realized. The acquisition of Expo City Dubai and Reem Mall Abu Dhabi’s media rights has significantly expanded Hypermedia’s OOH network, enhancing its impact on iconic landmarks.

Furthermore, DigitAll, a tech media powerhouse under W Group, has partnered with Advertima and Streach to revolutionize traditional digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in outdoor and in-store retail settings, thereby maximizing campaign impact.

By combining Advertima’s real-time AI analytics, smart triggers, and Streach’s advanced audience measurement capabilities, a powerful synergy has been formed. This synergy enhances the utilization of programmatic DOOH, encompassing audience traffic, impressions, and qualified views. Wehbi highlights that these credible metrics enable Hypermedia to provide clients with measurable and actionable reports, empowering them to validate ad performance and enhance their return on advertising spend (ROAS) across diverse media settings, from the Dubai Metro to hypermarkets, malls, and beyond.


“The global economic crisis was a burden on businesses worldwide, including our industry”, says Wehbi. “However, amidst these trials, the UAE was our safe haven; its perceptive roadmap served as our guiding beacon due to our alignment with its vision.”

Additionally, W Group and its two entities are always on their toes to innovate and meet the fast-paced evolution of DOOH landscape, as consumer behavior and technology evolve rapidly.

“We press on integrating the latest data and tech advancements to sustain W Group’s position as a leading DOOH tech company and empowering brands,” he says. “Most importantly, we strive to be at the service of our community in the most optimal manner and keep abreast of the UAE’s futuristic vision.”