W Group to Charge 2022 With a High-Tech Interactive DOOH Experience


W Group to Charge 2022 With a High-Tech Interactive DOOH Experience

By Communicate Staff
December 2021

In this fast-paced world we live in, new technologies are constantly emerging to dominate the market. W Group is taking the lead in breaking boundaries through the integration of high-end media-tech solutions that would propel both its entities, Hypermedia and DigitAll, to a dominating market position.

In Hypermedia, a highly trained team of professionals is always on the hunt for the next best thing. The main aim has always been maximizing the brands’ reach and, by correspondence, their ROI. As a result, it has become a necessity to integrate more interactive media assets paired with smart digital solutions that would allow clients to advertise anywhere around the world from the comfort of their own office.

Starting in 2022, W Group will be further cementing and advancing its position in the DOOH market, integrating cutting-edge technologies into its media assets and providing the most accurate measurement tools to evaluate the campaigns’ efficiency.

Hypermedia will be leading the charge in the programmatic DOOH market in the UAE after concluding the digitization drive of all of its outdoor media assets in early 2022.

W Group, through its subsidiaries Hypermedia and DigitAll, aims to create a fully customizable DOOH media experience for its more than 800 strategic partners and clients. An OOH media journey that would range from conceptualization all the way to exposure and tech-based experiential communication.

This will be an integrated pillar in the pool of services and innovations that the group will be offering in 2022, through experiential marketing and interactive OOH experience.

A new generation of smart screens will have integrated sensors and triggers for a more accurate audience-targeting, delivering relevant content and data analysis.

Smart solutions, paired with programmatic DOOH facilities and highly accurate measurement tools, will help position Hypermedia and DigitAll as leaders on the OOH market.

All of that will be paired with both hardware- and software-based measurement tools to track a campaign’s performance. In that context, Hypermedia will provide solutions for clients to dwell into data and measurements to create their own customized reports. Those data analytics are vital to any campaign, to measure its efficiency and make amendments according to the various criteria and variables.

“All of these optimizations will be eventually driving in new growth opportunities for Hypermedia and, by extension, W Group as a whole. This will create higher ROI for both our clients and the group,” Hypermedia Chief Revenue Officer Gerard Rustom said.

DigitAll will also be providing a wide range of integrated services, which include creative digital content with high WOM impact and experiences, that will in turn uplift the deliverables and reach the designated audience in a more efficient and engaging way.

“We are heading towards a very challenging year, where we will be finalizing the digitization of all of our assets. This will in turn make our switch to programmatic DOOH a tangible reality. All of that, paired with our full spectrum of 360-degree solutions providing an unmatched media experience for our clients, will further push forward the positioning of our group,” W Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Ghada el-Kari said.

“In 2022, we will be venturing into a whole new level of engagement with the target audience. We will elevate the brand-to-customer experiential journey through smart screens and high-tech interactive assets spread around the country,” W Group Chief Operating Officer Philip Matta added.

All of these smart solutions, paired with programmatic DOOH facilities and highly accurate measurement tools, will assist in positioning both Hypermedia and DigitAll in a leading position in the OOH market.

The coming year is set to be the year when W Group in all its entities breaks boundaries to achieve greater goals. A promise that will culminate years of relentless preparations, research, and expansions.

“We have always thrived to lead with high-end, innovative products that provide our clients with the best results. This is why we act out of faith in both our vision and our team,” W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi concluded.