W Group: On the Pulse of the Latest OOH Innovations


W Group: On the Pulse of the Latest OOH Innovations

by Saadiya Ahmad

December 2022

Dubai has matured into a regional hub for technology and innovation, says Wehbi

The importance of digital transformation
Digital transformation has foreshadowed the present era that businesses operate in, points out Habib Wehbi, chairman and CEO of W Group, to CEO Middle East magazine.
“We have digitized the majority of Hypermedia’s network so far, which consists of up to 60 percent of the out-of-home (OOH) market in Dubai,” he says, so the group can attain a higher rank in tech OOH by delving deeper into triggers advertising, real-time data measurement, programmatic, and more, to bolster their experiential ecosystem while enabling marketers to optimize their ROI.
According to Wehbi, having a vision provides the purpose to goal-setting activities. “As a CEO, I envision the positioning of W Group as the leading tech company in OOH media in the region,” he says.
“To achieve this goal, we must keep abreast of the perpetually evolving digital field.”
W Group’s entities Hypermedia – the pole combining technologically led OOH media, strategic prime locations, and data measurement tools – in addition to DigitAll – the tech arm of the Group designing technology around people through smart solutions, consultancy, digital experiences, and more – play a major role in this regard.
“Inculcating the latest advancements, tech innovations, and smart solutions into our endeavors, we are pushing forward to imprint ourselves as a frontrunner in the UAE.”

The learning trajectory
Staying on the pulse of the latest innovations is essential to any business success, explains Wehbi. He adds: “From the outset, W Group has been keen on investing the latest smart solutions in data and analytics to enhance the connection of brands with their audiences and uplift consumer experience.”
Since W Group has the largest OOH media network in the UAE, it reinforces this success by putting into practice globally trending technologies in OOH.

Dubai is an innovation hub
With its hospitable business climate, Dubai has matured into a regional hub for technology and innovation, says Wehbi. “Hypermedia and DigitAll are aligned with the government’s vision to transfigure Dubai into the best city to live in,” he says. “We recognize the pool of opportunities that Dubai offers, and our successful partnership with RTA speaks for itself.”
By also being invested in Dubai’s community and staying authentic to its social responsibility value, W Group is offering all standard of living means. W Group today has achieved important milestones, notably the robust partnership with RTA and Dubai Metro.
“This has been the gateway to many other opportunities in the OOH industry inside and outside the UAE,” he says.
Always on a development journey towards expanding its media network, W Group and its entities Hypermedia and DigitAll deliver 360-digital out-of-home (DOOH) media offerings to their clients.
“We provide an integrated, full-fledged suite of solutions to all OOH advertising facets, from smart solutions, to data, locations, exposure, experiential marketing, and much more.”