Hypermedia Wins OOH Advertising Media Rights in Expo City Dubai


Hypermedia Wins OOH Advertising Media Rights in Expo City Dubai

Holding Sway in a New Strategic Landscape for a Measurable Impact Magnification

 Dubai, UAE

January 2023

With Expo City Dubai officially opened last October, Hypermedia – a subsidiary of W Group – has been awarded Exclusive Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising Media Rights for the coming 10 years, remodeling the OOH scene in this tactical arena.

Hypermedia seized the opportune moment to expand its out-of-home (OOH) media impact to a new eminent city, scoring another media win in Expo City Dubai – the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai and a blueprint for sustainable urban development.

Sholto Douglas-Home and Habib Wehbi

As a hub for innovation, culture, education, and entertainment, retaining 80 per cent of Expo-built infrastructure, Exp City Dubai has a privileged foothold over other locations to capitalize on media attention, being the axis of avant-garde technology and media offerings. The strategic partnership between Expo City Dubai and Hypermedia for the coming 10 years is reflecting the same future-thinking image of W Group, bolstering its status and focused vision of being the UAE’s leading media tech company in OOH. In fact, this 10-year collaboration is ample to bring into being a plethora of smart solutions and media contributions, revolutionizing all facets of the OOH media network of this location.

The Steps Screens

Sholto Douglas-Home, Chief Sales & MarComms Officer at Expo City Dubai, said: “Expo City Dubai will continue to welcome visitors from around the world, serving as the go-to destination for local, regional and global events, including COP 28, and supporting the continued growth and development of the UAE more widely. Partnering with Hypermedia represents an unparalleled opportunity for trusted marketing impact and reach.”

Habib Wehbi, Chairman & CEO of W Group (Hypermedia & DigitAll), highlighted the importance and pride of being honored this opportunity and said: “We’re committed to exceeding expectations, going above and beyond what is required to empower brands. We’re changing the OOH media scene of Expo City Dubai to be more dynamic and pave the way to more innovative and advanced experiential marketing smart solutions.”

City Wide Digital Mupi

With these means, Hypermedia will commercialize this media landscape by installing new assets by mid-2023 onwards and will manage and rent promo areas thereof by turning them into experiential activation spaces, taking brands’ digital efforts off the ground. On a more practical level, DigitAll, the tech arm of W Group, will be joining forces with Hypermedia to create a data ecosystem that allows proper involvement between media suppliers, brands and their audiences, through real-time data measurement and in-depth audience analysis.

Both parties are steering brands’ campaigns to the forefront of wide exposure, engagement, and success, through a tangibly eminent and broad-ranging Expo Media Network.

As Expo City continues to build on the resounding success of Expo 2020,  insights delivered by Hypermedia and DigitAll will enable marketers to generate innovative strategies to optimize the flow of campaign performance, guarantee their ads being seen, and revamp customer experience. Brands are then one step ahead to stand out in the competition, gain momentous exposure, and get hold of advertising key success points. 

A clean, green, human-centric city of the future, Expo City Dubai is committed to stimulating innovation and catalysing collective action. Hypermedia has taken the lead in driving this qualitative leap in OOH, setting an impactful imprint before brands, and posing itself as an inspirational and influential figure before media suppliers in the region.